You Never Truly Know A Person Until You Walk In Their Shoes

People make assumptions with one simple look. After all, everything is not always how it seems and we need to learn to appreciate the things we have no matter what.

What happened to the quote, “Never judge a book by it’s cover”?

We are too busy looking at someone else’s clothes, appearance, and in this video, possibly even shoes that lead us to believe that someone is supposed to be a certain way. It’s as if we are “too good” to give them a chance. Most people don’t bother getting to know someone and take advantage of them without knowing the facts.

I once heard from an MTV show called, If You Really Knew Me, that
“People are like icebergs. They only show about 10% of who they really are. There’s another 90% of a whole human being that we’re not showing people.”

I found this quote to be very relevant because of how true it is. Everyone shows themselves off to the extent that they want to be known as. However, what they remain hidden can often make up a huge part of their being.

In school, what seems like the happiest person can actually be someone who struggles the most at home. Even the most popular kid can have some insecurities.

Everyone might know our name, but we all have a story, too. Instead of judging someone right off the bat, keep in mind that they could be a wonderful person to get to know if given the chance.

Stop the assumptions and start making friendships!

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Hi everyone, my name is Mayra! As you can probably tell from my blog posts, I have always enjoyed spreading some positivity- even to this day! My biggest wish has been to inspire others because engaging with people while helping them is extremely rewarding to me. Along with writing motivational posts, I also plan on giving advice. I welcome everyone to come to me for anything because I truly care about YOU!

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  1. It’s rare that people notice these things unfortunately. But it’s truly great when they do. As Charlie Chaplin said, we think too much and feel too little.

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