My Biggest Hope

This quote has always been in the back of my mind ever since I first heard of it in one of my classes. That is why with every opportunity I took, I made sure that I was passionate about my role because that is what gives me the motivation to go above and beyond to be the hard worker that I am. It was also the main reason I left my previous job because I felt like no one knew the real me within a toxic environment. Without me experiencing loving what I do yet, I still have that hope to find my passion- even though other people say that it won’t happen because “work will always be work”.

Watching this inspirational video made me desire my wish even more because it shows how fast time flies before we are left with regrets and most importantly, unhappiness. Since we spend the majority of our time at work than we do anywhere else, shouldn’t that be enough to decide on staying at places that make us happy? That allow us to grow and be challenged so much, that the job doesn’t seem like a chore because you enjoy what you do? I am not saying that there will not be hard days that you face doing what you love, but rather that the good days overcompensate it since it’s that much more rewarding. I value my happiness almost as much as I value my time which is why I believe others should not tolerate working for places that doesn’t bring that spark of interest. Without that “spark”, companies are not retaining their best employees because people are choosing to stay for the money. However, it’s been proven by the richest people in the world that money cannot buy their happiness, remove their loneliness, or solve all of their problems- which is exactly why I chase after what brings me joy.

Hey you! Yeah you… Choose to be happy.

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Hi everyone, my name is Mayra! As you can probably tell from my blog posts, I have always enjoyed spreading some positivity- even to this day! My biggest wish has been to inspire others because engaging with people while helping them is extremely rewarding to me. Along with writing motivational posts, I also plan on giving advice. I welcome everyone to come to me for anything because I truly care about YOU!

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